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Feb 05 2019

Calendar for Naghaid

The calendars for the new moon for Naghaid are available at:
Old style
New style

30 Riùr / 15 Solmonath

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Jan 06 2019

New Calendar System

I am in the process of changing to a new reckoning for the calendars. The months will be the same and will occur in the same order and place as originally intended. What will change is the length of each month, i.e. whereas up to now odd-numbered months had 30 days and even-numbered months had 29 days in most cases, in the new reckoning any month can have either 29 or 30 days, depending one where they fall in the longer cycle that determines how many days are in each month.

In the current cycle the months will have the same number of days as usual until Siùfainn, which will have 30 days instead of the usual 29, and subsequent months will be switched until the next occasion that there are two months in a row with 30 days. However, the start dates of the months in the current cycle are also currently a day earlier than in the original system, e.g. Dumhainn began on 9th December 2018 in the original system but in the new system it began on the 8th December.

I will be changing the date widgets in the sidebar to the new dates, and for the next year I will post the calendars in the old system and in the new. The new versions for the months so far this year are available at the following links:

1 Riùr, 3045 / 16 Æftergiuli, 1575.

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Jan 05 2019

New Moon – Riùr

  28 Dumhainn, 3045       165·1·2·28       14 Aeftergiuli, 1575  
The third month of the Celtic calendar, Rìur, begins in 7th January. Here is the calendar for the new month. Riùr

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Dec 21 2018

Happy Yule

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  13 Dumhainn, 3045       165·1·2·13       1 Aeftergiuli, 1575  
Today is the day of the Winter Solstice in the Uk and in my notional Old English calendar it is the 1st of Afteryule, which begins the year of 1575 in that calendar. This year is a leap year as there are 366 days between Winter Solstices in UTC time reckoning. This is marked by the addition of an extra day to the second month (Solmonath), making it 30 days long instead of he usual 29.

The calendar for the year 1575 in the Old English calendar can be downloaded at the following link: Old English Calendar 1575.

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Nov 07 2018

New lunar year and cycle

  28 Cadal, 3044       164·19·12·28       17 Blotmonath, 1574  

So, we’re nearly there. Tomorrow night will be the occasion of this year’s Oidhche Shamhna, and at midnight the calendar count will tick over from to Here is the calendar for the first month of the new year, Samhain. Slàinte Mhath.

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Nov 05 2018

Celtic Calendar Special Holidays

  26 Cadal, 3044       164·19·12·26       15 Blotmonath, 1574  

Celtic Calendar Special Holidays

We still have a few days to go before the new Celtic year (and lunar cycle), and I will post nearer the time with the calendar for the new month.

Meantime, I have been reading some interesting sites, including Trials of a Féinnid, a blog about Celtic reconstructionism and related subjects and faiths. This site mentions some of the possible Celtic holidays that may have been observed by ancient Celts. A number of these are based on the four cross-quarter days in the solar calendar, except that instead of the usual fixed dates that these are observed by modern Pagans, it is surmised that these would occur on the nearest dark moon to the usual dates. This equates, in the Celtic lunar calendar, to the first day of the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th months. I have used some of the ideas in that blog to apply the names of the holidays, albeit translated into the equivalent Scots Gaelic (Gàidhlig). For the coming year, these holidays are as follows:

  • Féill na Shamhna (fail nuh how-nuh) – 9th November, 2018
  • Là Fhéill Brìde (lah ail breedge) – 6th February, 2019
  • Bealtainn (Bell-town) – 5th May, 2019
  • Là Lùnast (lah loo-nust) – 2nd August, 2019
  • Oidhche Shamhna (uych-uh how-nuh) – 28th October, 2019

More details on Celtic holidays will be posted as and when ideas come to mind. Also, although the above mentioned blog does not seem to be being updated any more, it’s a very interesting read with some interesting concepts relating to Celtic traditions and how these may be preserved and practised.

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Oct 20 2018

We’re back!

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  10 Cadal, 3044       164·19·12·10       29 Winterfylleth, 1574  

Well, we’re back! In this, the last month of the 164th metonic lunar cycle of my Celtic calendar, I have decided to start publishing the monthly calendars again. It’s a wee bit of work, but worth it I think. We’ll see how it goes

So, as I say when I started the Celtic calendar I organised the calendar into 19-year cycles so that the rules of the calendar could be correctly applied, and the "count" reflects this with the year number as the second element, and the cycle number at the beginning. When I started we were in, I think, year 4 or 5 of cycle number 164. Now have reached year 19 and we are in the last month of that year. On 9th November we shall enter cycle 165. So, on this momentous occasion, here is the calendar for the current month: Cadal

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Nov 11 2015

Happy New Year

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  30 Eadràn, 3041       164·16·13·30       20 Blotmonth, 1571  

So, after a long year of 13 months we come to the end of 3041 (year 16 of the current cycle). 3042 will be a standard year with 12 months and no additional days. Have a nice evening and a wonderful new Celtic year.

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Mar 20 2015

Spring is here, and welcomed by an eclipse

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  30 Uarain, 3041       164·16·5·30       1 Ostermonth, 1571  

Today is the start of spring in the northern hemisphere, and in the United Kingdom it was greeted by a rare partial eclipse, with between 84% and 98% of the Sun obscured by the Moon at maximum eclipse. Here are some pictures that I took of the eclipse this morning.

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Aug 13 2014

New Dynamic Calendar

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  17 Eilmì, 3040       164·15·10·17       23 Wedmonth, 1570  

There is now a dynamic calendar (rather than the manually created ones that are available as PDFs) at this link. The calendar shows the current standard (Gregorian) month with Celtic dates and events for each day automatically. You can also scroll forwards or backwards to see the calendar for other months, and click the month name heading to return to the current month.

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