Eilmì – “Claim” Moon

  1 Eilmì, 3039       164·14·10·1       18 Wedmonth, 1569  

Month 10 – Eilmì – “Claim” Moon

The Celtic lunar month of Eilmì starts today, the tenth month of the year. Click the link below for the calendar for this month (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Eilmì Calendar

Eilmì signals the oncoming autumn. As there are four full moons in the summer this year, this month’s full moon is called the “Blue Moon”, delaying the Harvest Moon for a month. In the Islamic calendar the month begins with “Eid al-Fitr”, the feast that marks the end of the fasting month of Ramadan, and in the Jewish calendar the month ends with “Rosh Hashanah”, the Jewish new year, beginning on the evening of 5th September/29th Eilmì.

In other calendars

  • Hebrew: Elul, 12th month of 5773
  • Hijri: Shawwal, 10th month of 1434
  • Hindi: Sravana, 5th month of 2070
  • Saxon: Blue Moon, 3rd and extra moon of summer
  • Chinese: 7th month, Year of the Snake

One Response to “Eilmì – “Claim” Moon”

  1. Mulciber_Volcanus says:

    I really need to get in touch with you! I’ve got to know how you made your PDF calendar.

    I’m working on developing a calendar system of my own, and I’ve been looking for some way to display it with the Gregorian calendar. Alas, my programming skills are considerably sub-par (I’m an anthropologist, not a mathematician or programmer). It’s surprisingly very similar to your Celtic calendar, despite being for a completely different cultural and religious system.

    Could you please email me? I am more than happy to share what I have developed (which may make your Celtic calendar even more accurate!), and I would love to know what kind of algorithms and such you are using.

    More than anything, though, I really just need a way to display my calendar on my site.


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