Happy New Year – 3040

  27 Cadal, 3039       164·14·12·27       11 Blotmonth, 1569  

Happy New Year – 3040

The new Celtic lunar year of 3040 (year 15 of the current cycle) begins on Monday, November 4th. As is often the case, this new year coincides with the Hindu festival of Diwali, which takes place on Sunday, 3rd November. 3040 will be a standard year of 354 days, i.e. alternate months of 30 and 29 days and no added days or months. The months in the coming year will begin on the following dates:

  1. Samhain – 4th November, 2013
  2. Dumhainn – 4th December, 2013
  3. Riùr – 2nd January, 2014
  4. Naghaid – 1st February, 2014
  5. Uarain – 2nd March, 2014
  6. Cuithe – 1st April, 2014
  7. Geamhain – 30th April, 2014
  8. Siùfainn – 30th May, 2014
  9. Eacha – 28th June, 2014
  10. Eilmì – 28th July, 2014
  11. Aodhrain/Eadraiginn – 26th August, 2014
  12. Cadal/Orain – 25th September, 2014

3041 P.E. will begin on 24th October, 2014.

3 Responses to “Happy New Year – 3040”

  1. John says:

    I read someplace you had php code for your calenders. Would you be willing to share that code? In particular the code used for the Celtic calender you have displayed here.

    Also, have you ever made a print calender? A group I belong too would love to make a calender based on what you have in this blog post.


  2. Time Meddler says:

    Hi John

    You can find all of the code for the individual calendars at http://www.time-meddler.co.uk/includes. I haven’t ever done a print calendar, no. Usually I just create PDFs of the month calendars and print them if necessary.


  3. John says:

    The link didn’t work for me. 🙁

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