Happy Yule

  18 Dumhainn, 3040       164·15·2·18       1 Afteryule, 1570  

Happy Yule

It is Yule today, the Winter Solstice and shortest day in the Northern Hemisphere. This day marks the beginning of the new solar year and is therefore a time of celebration and merriment as we look forward to the days getting longer again and what the new year will bring us. In my Anglo-Saxon calendar it is 1570, and a calendar for the year can be downloaded at the link below.

1570 Calendar

Special Dates in 1570

  • Yuletide: 1-12 Afterlithe (21-Dec-2013 to 01-Jan-2014)
  • Mid-winter: 15 Solmonth (03-Feb-2014)
  • Ostara: 1 Ostermonth (20-Mar-2014)
  • Egg Moon: night of 26/27 Ostermonth (14/15-Apr-2014)
  • Mid-spring: 16 Thrimilch (05-May-2014)
  • Litha: 1 Afterlithe (21-Jun-2014)
  • Mid-summer: 16 Wedmonth (06-Aug-2014)
  • Harvest Moon: night of 18/19 Holimonth (08/09-Sep-2014)
  • Mabon: 1 Wintering (22-Sep-2014)
  • Mid-autumn: 16 Blotmonth (06-Nov-2014)

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  1. Alan says:

    I’ve often wondered why the Spring Equinox is in March, yet Eostre Month is April. Your Anglo-Saxon calendar explains it. Great stuff! Thanks.

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