Oct 20 2018

We’re back!

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  10 Cadal, 3044       164·19·12·10       29 Winterfylleth, 1574  

Well, we’re back! In this, the last month of the 164th metonic lunar cycle of my Celtic calendar, I have decided to start publishing the monthly calendars again. It’s a wee bit of work, but worth it I think. We’ll see how it goes

So, as I say when I started the Celtic calendar I organised the calendar into 19-year cycles so that the rules of the calendar could be correctly applied, and the "count" reflects this with the year number as the second element, and the cycle number at the beginning. When I started we were in, I think, year 4 or 5 of cycle number 164. Now have reached year 19 and we are in the last month of that year. On 9th November we shall enter cycle 165. So, on this momentous occasion, here is the calendar for the current month: Cadal

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