Nov 03 2018

The Ecliptic Calendar

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  24 Cadal, 3044       164·19·12·24       13 Blotmonath, 1574  

A new slant on perennial calendars and secular holidays

This is a nice discovery that I made when checking websites that have linked to my page. This calendar is similar to my Anglo-Saxon calendar, in that it has variable length seasons depending on the course of the sun along the ecliptic during the year. It is nice in that I could actually apply it to my calendar, with the rest days and holidays depending on the number of days in the month. Under this system today would be the 2nd Thursday of the 8th month (date: 04 / 02 / 02 / 08 / 12). If I applied it to my calendar it would be the 2nd Friday of the 11th month (Blotmonath), with the Ides holiday on Monday (5th November) and the next rest day on Tuesday (6th November).

The calendar also uses a system of ages based on the zodiacal sign of the galactic equator, so we are currently in the age of Aquarius, which began on 20th March 1988 by the calendar’s reckoning. It’s a pretty cool system and does have a practical purpose in that it illustrates the precession of the equinoxes and keeps track of it by aligning with the sun’s position on the ecliptic. There is much information at the following link: The Ecliptic Calendar.

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