Gaelic Names for Months and Days

The names of the days of the week and the months of the year in Gaelic are as follows, with a (very) rough guide to pronunciation. I have used split version of day names, which may not be traditional, but I think this looks clearer. This is like a compromise between the Scottish and Irish systems.

Days of the Week
Di Dòmhnaich (juh DOW-nuch) – Sunday
Di Luain (juh LOO-in) – Monday
Di Màirt (juh maarch) – Tuesday
Di Ciadain (juh k-YADD-in) – Wednesday
Di Ardaoin (JAR-doon) – Thursday
Di hAoine (juh HOON-yuh) – Friday
Di Sathairne (juh SA-hurrn-yuh) – Saturday

Months of the Year
Am Faoilteach (um FULL-tyuch) – January
An Gearran (ung g-YARR-un) – February
Am Màrt (um maart) – March
An Giblean (ung GIBB-lun) – April
An C̬itean (un KAY-chun) РMay
An t-Og-mhìos (un TOGG-vee-uss) – June
An t-Iuchar (un t-YOOCH-urr) – July
An Lùnastal (un LOON-uss-tull) – August
An t-Sultain (un TOOL-tin) – September
An Dàmhair (un DAH-vurr)- October
An t-Samhain (un TOW-in) – November
An Dubhlachd (un DOO-lucht) – December

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