Key to the Celtic Calendars

In the blog the Celtic lunar calendars for each month are posted in PDF format. The events in the calendars are denoted with symbols to indicate the cultural or religious category that the event applies to, and this is a short guide to the meaning and usage of these symbols in the calendars.

WEvents in the Celtic calendar, e.g. Samhain, Celtic New Year.
VEvents in the Christian calendar, e.g. Christmas, Palm Sunday.
YEvents in the Jewish calendar, e.g. Passover, Yom Kippur.
ZEvents in the Islamic calendar, e.g. Muharram, Ramadan.
\Events in the Hindu calendar, e.g. Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali.
[Events in the Chinese calendar, e.g. Chinese New Year. These are also used to mark the beginning of the solar fortnights such as Little Cold, Great Heat etc.
®Events in the Roman calendar, e.g. Lupercalia, Saturnalia.
Events in the Anglo-Saxon solar calendar and Pagan events such as Halloween.
mAstronomical events such as full and dark moons, eclipses, equinoxes and solstices.

All times of events shown in the calendars are in the 24-hour format and are in Universal Time.

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